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Download [HD World]

HD World (.pdf)

by L-3 Link Simulation & Training

A training system which immerses the pilot in high definition, realist...

Download [HELCATT]

HELCATT (.pdf)

by L-3 Link Simulation & Training

Helicopter Collective Aircrew Tactical Trainer supporting high-intensi...

Download [Hostile Fire Indicator Type 740]

Hostile Fire Indicator Type 740 (.pdf)

by MS Instruments

Informs an aircraft pilot when they are under small arms fire

Download [HESCO Mil Units 2012]

HESCO Mil Units 2012 (.pdf)

by HESCO Bastion Concertainer

The all new HESCO range of recoverable units.

Download [HESCO Bastion Rebranding]

HESCO Bastion Rebranding (.pdf)

by HESCO Bastion Concertainer

HESCO Bastion are uniting their UK and US companies under one globally...

Download [Hybrid TwinBeam & Red Dot Sight Datasheet]

Hybrid TwinBeam & Red Dot Sight Datasheet (.pdf)

by I.L.E.E. AG

Advantages of passive and active target systems in a compact package

Download [HPLT V.7 DAVID Target Designator Datasheet]

HPLT V.7 DAVID Target Designator Datasheet (.pdf)

by I.L.E.E. AG

Weatherproof surveillance platform & sensor system target designator

Download [Hearing Protection Collection]

Hearing Protection Collection (.pdf)

by Phonak Communications AG

Phonak’s full hearing protection brochure.

Download [Hotrod Disruptor]

Hotrod Disruptor (.pdf)

by AB Precision (Poole) Ltd

Information regarding the Hotrod IED disruptor.