Typical Enquiries

Typical Enquiries

Just some of the enquiries received by companies who feature on Armed Forces International:

"To whom it may concern; Please provide an official quote for 10 x ISU-96RC Refrigerated Insulated Container - 1-Door. Please include freight in your quote. "

Master Sergeant, US Army

"I received a request from a International Customer for the supply of 150 APC vehicles. The restriction is that the vehicle unit price should not exceed US$220 000 and should be able to carry 10 x troops with a B6 ballistic and 7 kg under the hull and 14 kg under a wheel blast protection."

Rudi Stoltz

"Please provide me with the technical specification and models available for your Seawater-Activated Batteries."

Ministry of Defence

"We would like to buy a 20' ISO container made in 100% stainless steel for a military application. How much would it cost?"


"RFQ (Request for Quotation) D-M-10000 Or DM-2, Qty. Needed 20, please could you provide a price."


"Could you please send me a quotation for NBC system Installation kit required for 40 ft long semi-trailer cabinet, please describe all equipment need in your quotation."


"I am looking for a quotation for an ECU to be used in a military (S-280) type shelter."


"I am interested in B6 Armoured Landcruisers. Also route clearing vehicles. Similar to the South African Mamba.."

Managing Director

"We need Ballistic Helmets complete NIJ level IIIA, quantity-500 in NOS and Night Vision Binocular, quantity -11 in NOS for Bangladesh Navy. If you are position to supply, please confirm we will send details specifications and terms."


"I would like to get a price quote for a Wirebound Box, MIL-B-0046506, GR A, TYPE II, CL 1. The inside dimension is 11 3/8 X 10 7/16 X 6 15/16. The outside dimension is 13 3/4 X 11 9/16 X 7 15/16. I need 9,200."


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