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NBC Sys Logo


France Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: NBC Decontamination | Personal Protective ... | Chemical Decontamina... | Nuclear Decontaminat... | Gas Masks

NBC-Sys, a business unit of Giat-Industries, is located in France, and produce CBRN Detection Systems for Military and Civilian Applications.

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ND SatCom Defence GmbH

France Section: C4ISR | Category: Satellite Communicat...

ND SatCom Defence GmbH plays a leading role in the European military satellite communications industry. As a subsidiary of ND SatCom AG, the company provides comprehensive, tailor made communication network ground segment solutions to military, government

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USA Section: External Military Support: Recruitment, Admin  | Category: Recruitment | Defence Electronics ... was created by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) to help connect defense contractors, government agencies and DoD with skilled employees.

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Nefab Packaging UK Ltd

Nefab Packaging UK Ltd.

United Kingdom Section: Packaging and Cargo Handling | Category: Packing

Nefab offer complete packaging solutions for products at risk from theft or damage during transportation.

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Networks Enterprises logo

Networks Enterprises, Inc.

USA Section: Armoured Vehicles | Category: Tie Down Equipment | Tent and Tarps | Container Tactical E... | Cargo Nets | Aircraft Cargo Nets

Networks Enterprises, Inc. is the manufacturer of the LoadTamerâ„¢ Cargo Net which safely restrains cargo in trucks/trailers/boats from bouncing/shifting or blowing out of the cargo area.

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New Noga Light

Israel Section: Information, Intelligence and Research | Category: Night Vision | Laser Target Designa... | Military Optical Sys... | Reconnaissance Syste... | Magnifying Aiming De...

New Noga Light is Israel's premiere producer and supplier of day and night vision optical technology, as well as being the sole supplier to the Israel Defense Forces New Noga Light has customers from military forces and companies around the world.

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Newcon Optik

Newcon Optik

Canada Section: Soldier / Service Personnel Kit and Equipment | Category: Night Vision

Newcon Optik are leading manufacturers and suppliers of precision electro-optical devices. Their products include thermal images, image intensified night vision systems, laser rangefinders, laser aimers & illuminators.

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Nic Dixon Video Productions Logo

Nic Dixon Video Productions

United Kingdom Section: Video Equipment, Services and Technology | Category: Video Production

We have been in the Industry for 15 years, producing over 250 video productions across a broad range of subjects from bomb disposal to armoured Vehicles, as well as High Street Retailers.

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NICE Systems

Israel Section: Surveillance Equipment and Services | Category: Audio Communication ... | Surveillance Systems... | Audio Surveillance C... | Network Video Record... | Digital Imaging

NICE Systems produce video surveillance, command and control management and communications interception solutions for the military.

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USA Section: Soldier / Service Personnel Kit and Equipment | Category: Humidity Sensors | Weapon Training Syst... | Temperature Sensors | Compasses | Disaster Preparednes...

For over 30 years Nielsen-Kellerman Company designs, manufactures and distributes waterproof instruments. The Kestrel pocket weather meter is one of these products currently in use by military organisation.

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