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J & S Franklin Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Medical Equipment and Supplies | Category: Field Hospitals | Military Tents | Bunks & Beds | Protective Clothing | Protective Barriers

J & S Franklin Ltd has over 60 years of experience providing a range of military camping equipment and accessories. After over a decade of research and development, J & S and their partners have developed DefenCell.

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J B Roche (MFG) Ltd

Ireland, Republic Of Section: Shelters  | Category: Inflatable Shelters

J B Roche (MFG) Ltd design and manufacture Inflatable Shelters and Tents for the aviation industry and for emergency response applications.

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Jackson Rifles

United Kingdom Section: Weapons and Ammunition | Category: Silencers, Gun | Rifles

Jackson Rifles is a trading name of ISO 9001:2000 registered company, Forge Consulting Ltd, and is a major UK importer and distributor of silencers and laser bore sights.

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James Fisher Mimic

James Fisher Mimic

United Kingdom Section: Manufacturing | Category: Thermal Imaging Syst... | Non-Destructive Test... | Maintenance Manageme... | Consultancy, Trainin... | Asset Management

James Fisher Mimic offer marine industry maintenance and consultancy services with experience in condition monitoring and maintenance management strategies.

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Jameson LLC

USA Section: Lighting Equipment and Technology | Category: Portable Lighting | Illuminating Devices

Jameson supply portable fluorescent shelter lighting for military and government applications.

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USA Section: Weapons and Ammunition | Category: Rugged Displays | Rugged Keypads | Rugged Peripherals | Mobile Tactical Comm... | Mobile Communication...

Jayco produce customised rugged keyboards, control panels, and human-machine interfaces. Jayco's products are developed and manufacturered to operate in harsh battlefield environments.

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JCB Defence Products

United Kingdom Section: Construction / Design Services and Equipment | Category: Construction Equipme...

For more than 20 years JCB has been supplying specialized construction vehicles to meet military requirements for digging, lifting, excavating and construction.

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JD Concepts

JD Concepts

United Kingdom Section: Armoured Vehicles | Category: Military Vehicle Sea...

JD Concepts offer specialist military seats, with applications including rear gunner, gun-mounted and troop carrier seats.

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Jet International Transport

Jet International Transport (Heathrow) Limited

United Kingdom Section: Storage / Cases / Containers | Category: Storage Facilities

Jet International Transport is an import and export company, transporting goods by air, land, sea and railway, and offering storage, customs clearance and door-to-door courier services.

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Jewers Doors Limited Logo

Jewers Doors Limited

United Kingdom Section: Security and Law Enforcement | Category: Building Blast Prote... | Military Aircraft Ha... | Security Barriers | Military Buildings | Blast Mitigation

The Phoenix range of insulated sliding folding doors are designed for all manner of vehicle openings, including fire and ambulance stations and helicopter hangars. In addition, our High Performance range, has many special features.

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