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Germany Section: Naval Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: Water Rescue Equipme... | Survival Equipment | Scuba Diving Equipme... | Maritime Safety & Se... | Diving Systems and E...

Aquata provide a range of wetsuits, as well as diving hardware and accessories to both the military and commercial markets.

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Armed Forces International - image

Harveys Skin Diving

USA Section: Rescue and Emergency Equipment and Services | Category: Water Rescue Equipme... | Diving Systems and E... | Scuba Diving Equipme... | Survival Equipment

Harvey's has suits available for search and rescue teams as well as police teams. Our water rescue equipment is available in numerous styles; from Shorty's and one piece suits to neoprene and laminate dry suits. While available in different st

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Tecimer Military Trailer Units


Turkey Section: Water Treatment, Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: Medical Shelters | Water Rescue Equipme... | Military Communicati... | Field Shelters | Effluent/Water Treat...

Tecimer provide water purification units for the military and emergency relief workers. The equipment can filter even the most contaminated water and make it safe for drinking

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