Companies supplying Thermal Imaging Systems/Equipment

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Adams Industries Inc.

USA Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: Night Vision | Military Optics | Military Optical Sys... | High Performance The... | Thermal Imaging Pan ...

The impressive range of thermal imaging systems and equipment available from Adams Industries includes fixed, pan/tilt and handheld options supporting a broad spectrum of applications.

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Britannia Defence Systems

Britannia Defence Systems Ltd

United Kingdom Section: C4ISR | Category: Night Vision | Night Vision Lightin... | Field Glasses | Laser Rangefinders | Camera Systems

Britannia 2000's thermal imaging systems and equipment include thermal imaging binoculars, monoculars, weapon sights and cameras for use in low-light and adverse weather conditions.

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James Fisher Mimic

James Fisher Mimic

United Kingdom Section: Manufacturing | Category: Vibration and Shock ... | Asset Management | Maintenance Manageme... | Condition Monitoring... | Non-Destructive Test...

Thermal imaging is just one of the non destructive testing methods incorporated into the Mimic condition monitoring software suite.

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Unival Group

unival Group

Germany Section: Explosives / Mine Detection and Removal | Category: Jammers | Night Vision | Security Vehicles | Ballistic Protection | Bomb Search Equipmen...

unival Group combine night vision and thermal imaging technology to provide 'univision', a highly intelligent solution that gives you daytime-like vision after dark.

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