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Adams Industries Inc.

USA Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: Night Observation Sy... | Binoculars | High Performance The... | Thermal Imaging Syst... | Thermal Imaging Pan ...

The impressive range of thermal imaging systems and equipment available from Adams Industries includes fixed, pan/tilt and handheld options supporting a broad spectrum of applications.

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Britannia Defence Systems

Britannia Defence Systems Ltd

United Kingdom Section: C4ISR | Category: Camera Systems | Surveillance Equipme... | Infra-Red Systems/Eq... | Wireless Communicati... | Binoculars

Britannia 2000's thermal imaging systems and equipment include thermal imaging binoculars, monoculars, weapon sights and cameras for use in low-light and adverse weather conditions.

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James Fisher Mimic

James Fisher Mimic

United Kingdom Section: Manufacturing | Category: Vibration and Shock ... | Thermal Imaging Syst... | Asset Management | Non-Destructive Test... | Consultancy, Trainin...

Thermal imaging is just one of the non destructive testing methods incorporated into the Mimic condition monitoring software suite.

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Night Optics

USA Section: Soldier / Service Personnel Kit and Equipment | Category: Thermal Imaging Syst... | Thermal Imager Syste... | Night Vision | Night Observation Sy... | Camera Systems

Night Optics USA is an innovative company that supplies night vision and thermal imaging equipment. For over 20 years Night Optics have been developing their products and are proud of their ability to create a quality product at a great price.

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Armed Forces International - image

Phoenix Optical Glass

USA Section: Thermal Imaging  | Category: Thermal Imaging Syst...

Phoenix Optical Technologies produce Phoenix optical glass, Phoenix precision polishing, Phoenix diamond turning.

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Unival Group

unival Group

Germany Section: Thermal Imaging  | Category: Explosive Detection ... | Bullet Proof Materia... | Security Vehicles | Thermal Imaging Syst... | Night Vision

unival Group combine night vision and thermal imaging technology to provide 'univision', a highly intelligent solution that gives you daytime-like vision after dark.

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