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Advanced Defence Materials Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Manufacturing | Category: Tanks (AFVs) | Tank Armour Systems | Soft Body Armour | Security Vehicles | Personal Protection ...

Advanced Defence Materials Ltd. Is a global leader in independent technology development and research for vehicle armour systems.

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Carleton Technologies

USA Section: Aircraft Services, Technology and Equipment | Category: Slide Systems, Marin... | Submarine Systems | Composite Structures... | Satellite Systems an... | Composite Structures...

An important element of tank armor systems on military vehicles in combat zones is a microclimate cooling system that mitigates heat stress in soldiers and keeps them comfortable and battle ready. Carleton manufactures microclimate cooling units for use

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SJH Projects

United Kingdom Section: Explosives / Mine Detection and Removal | Category: Landmine Clearance S... | Explosive Testing | Explosion Protection... | Armoured Vehicles | Bomb Disposal Equipm...

SJH Projects XPT system is abattlefireld-proven blast mitigation system that can be used to enhance the protection of AFVs against landmines and explosive IEDs. Ideal for use as tank armour systems, XPT can be tailored to meet specific tank protection req

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