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AFV Sim Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Training and Simulation | Category: Tank Training | Software & Hardware ... | Simulators | Armour Training | AFV Gunnery Training

AFV Sim manufacture and design simulated controls to assist in tank training for gunners and commanders of today's armoured fighting vehicles.

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MSE Weibull

Sweden Section: Training and Simulation | Category: Target Devices | Tank Training | Radar Simulators | Optical Fibre System... | Flight Simulators

MSE has great experience in design, production and support of tank training equipment and tank simulators. Our modular hardware platform ensures that all performance requirements are met.

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Theissen Training Systems GmbH

Germany Section: Weapons and Ammunition | Category: Target, Ancillary Eq... | Target Lifters | Special Forces Train... | Range Control Equipm... | Friend / Foe Targets

Theissen Training Systems offer both infantry and tank training targets and firing ranges with LOMAH Location of Miss and Hit scoring technology.

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