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Array Systems Computing

Array Systems Computing Inc

Canada Section: Information, Intelligence and Research | Category: Surveillance Systems... | Sonar Systems and Eq... | Satellite Systems an... | Simulators | Display Systems

Array first became involved with airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) surveillance systems in the early 1980s, and have worked on a number of advanced development projects since then.

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Armed Forces International - image

Croma Group plc

United Kingdom Section: Surveillance Equipment and Services | Category: Surveillance Systems...

Croma Group plc is a group of companies devoted to the design, development and marketing of high performance surveillance equipment for civil, military and government agency applications.

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Defence Vision Systems

Defence Vision Systems

United Kingdom Section: Security and Law Enforcement | Category: Surveillance Systems... | Surveillance - Elect... | Helmet Cameras | Perimeter Surveillan... | Airborne Cameras

Defence Vision Systems are a multi-national company that produces surveillance systems and equipment, specifically a variety of innovative cameras.

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ICx Technologies Inc.

USA Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: IEDD Equipment | Radiation Detector | Explosive Detection ... | Detection Systems / ... | Counter Terrorist Eq...

ICx Technologies has developed its surveillance towers and radars for sites such as Statue of Liberty and Hoover Dam. The Cerberus™ surveillance platform comprises a mobile solution and can be integrated with Skywatch™ surveillance towers.

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Norway Section: Surveillance Equipment and Services | Category: Object Tracking Dete... | Digital Video Record... | Recording Systems/Eq... | Data Security | Computer Software

Ricochet's CCTV Recording & replay software can recreate an incident or scenario in its entirety when used with audio. Ideal for flight incident investigations, this solution comprises a flight data surveillance system.

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Kongsberg Maritime Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Security and Law Enforcement | Category: CCTV | Harbour Protection | Camera Systems | Sonar Processing | Underwater Inspectio...

Kongsberg Maritime produce a selection of maritime electronics and instruments, Surveillance Systems and Equipment, including underwater cameras and sonar devices.

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L-3 Wescam

Canada Section: Thermal Imaging  | Category: Detection Systems / ... | Reconnaissance Syste... | Video Systems/Equipm... | Thermal Imaging Came... | Coastal Surveillance

Wescam’s visual information systems are able to capture, process, transmit and interpret integrated images and data.

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NICE Systems

Israel Section: C4ISR | Category: Audio Communication ... | Digital Video Record... | Object Tracking Dete... | Motion Detection | Digital Video Soluti...

NICE Systems is a leading international provider of Video Surveillance Systems

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Saab Group

Sweden Section: C4ISR | Category: Mobile Communication... | Detection Systems / ... | Communication System... | Command and Control ... | Information Systems

SAAB Group provide advanced air, ground and marine radar, and networking information systems, primarily for the defense industry.

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Canada Section: Naval Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: Maritime Safety & Se... | Perimeter Surveillan... | Protective Barriers | Security Barriers | Security Checkpoint

Senstar's perimeter intrusion detection products are fully compatible with CCTV technology, enabling operators to easily locate and track intruders

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