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AAR Mobility Systems

USA Section: Air Equipment & Services | Category: Refrigerated Contain... | Military Buildings | Metal Pallets | Container Tactical E... | Cargo Handling Syste...

AAR Mobility systems offer a variety of air mobile shelter systems, expandable and non-expandable shelters.

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BNS Container

Norway Section: Storage / Cases / Containers | Category: Rapid Deployment She... | Portable Storage Con... | Military Shelters | Insulated Containers | ISO Shelter(s)

BNS Container produce containerised shelter systems that can be configured for a range of uses such as accommodation, toilets, showers, workshops and medical facilities.

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CDK Mobile Systems Inc.

USA Section: Air Equipment & Services | Category: Lightweight Shelters | Cargo Handling Syste... | Aircraft Ground Hand... | Materials Handling/H... | Military Accommodati...

The Flatpack Modular Building is a portable shelter system used by military agencies for living quarters, offices, training sites, and numerous other applications.

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USA Section: Shelters  | Category: Rapid Deployment She... | Mobile Communication... | Military Camps and C... | Field Shelters | Field Kitchens

DRASH has supplied leading military shelter systems to US military and NATO forces for twenty years. The company's rapid deployable shelter systems can be set up within minutes and provide flexible, efficient protection.

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Losberger RDS

France Section: Shelters  | Category: Shelter Systems | Rapid Deployment She... | Mobile / Portable Bu... | Military Shelters | Inflatable Shelters

Losberger RDS are able to provide aid agencies, emergency services and military forces with high quality rapid deployment shelter systems to suit your requirements

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Nordic Shelter AS

Norway Section: Storage / Cases / Containers | Category: Field Kitchens | Containers | Mobile Ammunition St... | Shelter Systems | Expandable Shelters

Shelter systems available from Nordic Shelter include mobile command posts, field systems, medical shelters, storage facilities refrigerated containers and prefabricated modular containers.

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Armed Forces International - image

ROFI Industrier

Norway Section: Shelters  | Category: Shelter Systems

ROFI Industrier is manufacturer of soft shelter and protection solutions, with significant experience in providing high quality products world- wide. The main product lines comprise soft shelters in sizes from 10 m up to 90 m.

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RUAG Holdings

Switzerland Section: Armoured Vehicles | Category: Weapon Systems | Training Services, S... | Green Ammunition | Command and Control ... | Aircraft Maintenance...

A range of varied size shelters are available from Ruag which can be deployed as high-tech command and control posts.

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Tecimer Military Trailer Units


Turkey Section: Water Treatment, Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: Water Transportation | Rapid Deployment She... | Military Communicati... | Fuel Systems/Equipme... | Lightweight Shelters

Tecimer's shelter systems are used by the armed forces globally for troop accommodation, equipment storage and military command posts. Their lightweight design makes them easy to transport and set up

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Trimo Investment

Slovenia Section: Shelters  | Category: Vehicle Shelters | Field Shelters | Portable Buildings | Military Buildings | Rapid Deployment She...

The prefabricated military buildings by Trimo are a solution to the need for residential accommodation and facilities as they provide places for work and recreation.

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