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CM Computers

Spain Section: Armoured Vehicles | Category: Computers Rugged | Rugged Military Comp... | Rugged Computing Sol... | ATR Chassis | Military Cases

CM Computers manufactures ATR enclosures and chassis products for military applications. The company delivers military standard design and engineering to its worldwide client base of leading defence contractors.

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DRS Technologies

DRS Tactical Systems

USA Section: IT / Computing Services and Equipment | Category: Rugged Workstations | Rugged Military Comp... | Rugged Laptops | Computers | Command and Control ...

DRS Tactical systems are global leaders in rugged based computers and laptops. The military computers are designed to perform the required tasks in extreme battlefield / climatic conditions.

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General Dynamics Canada

General Dynamics Canada

Canada Section: IT / Computing Services and Equipment | Category: Rugged Military Comp... | Rugged Displays | Rugged Computers

General Dynamics Canada provide rugged computers and display products to military buyers.

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Germany Section: IT / Computing Services and Equipment | Category: Rugged Computers | MIL-STD-1553 | Multiprocessor Compu... | Embedded Computing | Computers

Kontron recognises the need for rugged military computers to withstand extreme heat, humidity, shock, vibration and more, and develops specialised COTS equipment and computing products for harsh environments.

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Milper Ltd.

Israel Section: IT / Computing Services and Equipment | Category: Rugged Workstations | Rugged Peripherals | Rugged Keypads | Rugged Computing Sol... | Rugged Computers

MILPER Ltd offers a total solution for rugged, Mil-Spec and industrial computers and peripherals.

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Armed Forces International - image

VT Miltope

USA Section: Rugged Equipment | Category: Rugged Peripherals | Mobile Tactical Comm... | Ruggedized COTS Equi... | Rugged PC | Rugged Printers

The rugged military computers from VT Miltope are highly durable and are able to withstand heavy use in a military environment.

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WB Electronics

Poland Section: Rugged Equipment | Category: Rugged Military Comp...

WB Electronics is a supplier of specialized electronics and communications equipment for military command applications.

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