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Aimpoint AB

Sweden Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: Red Dot Sights | Laser Target Designa... | Military Optical Sys... | Laser Target Pointer... | Magnifying Aiming De...

Aimpoint currently provide close combat optic Red Dot Sights used by the US army. Aimpoint's present ACET state of the art diode circuitry and allows the sight up to 80,000 hours (8 years) of use on one AA battery.

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Switzerland Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: Night Vision Lightin... | Night Observation Sy... | Aiming Systems/Equip... | Military Optical Sys... | Military Optics

I.L.E.E offer sights and laser lighting systems for pistols and guns.

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Kitco Fiber Optics

KITCO Fiber Optics

USA Section: Electronics | Category: Red Dot Sights | Fibre Optic Tool Kit... | Fibre Optic Componen...

KITCO provide military fiber optic products, training and field services, fiber optic tools and cable assemblies.

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MB Microtec


Switzerland Section: Lighting Equipment and Technology | Category: Red Dot Sights | Laser Aiming Devices | Illuminating Devices

mb-microtec are a company focused on new light technology. They have created various products such as watch illumination, light emitting devices, cold light sources and sight inserts.

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