Rapid Deployment Shelters

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AAR Mobility Systems

USA Section: Aircraft Services, Technology and Equipment | Category: Refrigerated Contain... | Vehicle Shelters | Military Communicati... | ISO Shipping Contain... | ISU Mobility Contain...

AAR Mobility Systems' military shelters are designed for rapid deployment. One of their shelter product lines is vehicle-mounted, so can be deployed faster than most other tent or container structures.

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BNS Container

Norway Section: Logistic Services and Equipment | Category: ISO Container(s) | ISO Cargo Container(... | Containers | Containerisation | Container Tactical E...

The rapid deployment shelters from BNS Container are based on 20' ISO hook lift containers. This ensures the shelters are fully self contained and can be tailored to your exact specifications.

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USA Section: Accommodation | Category: Medical Shelters | Military Camps and C... | Field Kitchens | Expandable Shelters | Shelter Systems

DRASH offers mobile rapid deployment shelters that provide lighting, temperature control any many more features. DRASH shelter systems can be interconnected to allow for additional space as needed.

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Losberger RDS

France Section: Accommodation | Category: Portable Buildings | Rapid Deployment She... | Inflatable Shelters | Inflatable Aircraft ... | Expandable Shelters

Losberger RDS supply a diverse range of rapid deployment shelters from huge half barrel structures that can be used as aircraft hangars to inflatable rapid deployment tents for military personnel.

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MFC Survival

MFC Survival Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Medical Equipment and Supplies | Category: Field Camp Tents | Stretchers | Custom Made RIBs | Lightweight Shelters | Military Shelters

MFC's Rapid Deployment Shelters have been adopted by emergency services and armed forces accross the globe. They are available in a selection of sizes and colours.

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Tecimer Military Trailer Units


Turkey Section: Water Treatment, Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: Water Filtration/Pur... | Military Shelters | Military Communicati... | Fuel Systems/Equipme... | Field Kitchens

Tecimer shelters are designed for rapid deployment in emergency situations, such as disaster relief efforts. They are also suitable for use by the military, being used as accommodation

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Trimo Investment

Slovenia Section: Accommodation | Category: Shelter Systems | Portable Toilets | Military Shelters | Military Camps and C... | Military Aircraft Ha...

The nature of Trimo's products mean they can be rapidly deployed having the capability to reallocation by flat pack or assembled condition.

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Utilis SAS

France Section: Accommodation | Category: Tent and Tarps | Medical Shelters | Decontamination Syst... | Field Hospitals | Rapid Deployment She...

Utilis produce quick assembling polyvalent tents that can be erected in 5 minutes. These tents have an aluminium mono-block structure, the canvas is hoisted from within this structure using a system of pulleys.

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W. Giertsen HallSystem AS Shelters

Norway Section: Accommodation | Category: Medical Shelters | Shelter Systems | Military Tents | Military Shelters | Military Communicati...

W.Giertsen HallSystem offer a wide range of rapid deployment shelters from their global bases.

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Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH

Germany Section: Water Treatment, Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: Mobile Electric Powe... | Military Shelters | Military Communicati... | Medical Shelters | Field Shelters

The shelters from Zeppelin are based on various container types making them mobile and rapidly deployable.

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