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Adams Industries Inc.

USA Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: High Performance The... | Military Optical Sys... | Military Optics | Thermal Imaging Pan ... | Binoculars

Adams industries are a specialist suppliers of military optical systems and scope mounts.

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Aimpoint AB

Sweden Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: Red Dot Sights | Military Optical Sys... | Magnifying Aiming De... | Aiming Systems/Equip... | Laser Aiming Devices

Aimpoint has distinguished itself as a supplier of sophisticated modular sighting systems, offering end users not just static products but rather a complete modular optical solution for any sight or system.

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Bollé Tactical

France Section: Health and Safety Equipment, Services and Technology | Category: Safety Glasses | Safety Goggles | Military Optical Sys... | Field Glasses | Ballistic Protection

The Bolle Tactical range of optical ballistic protection products includes X810 ballistic goggles, COMBAT spectacles and SWAT and SENTINEL sunglasses.

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Britannia Defence Systems

Britannia Defence Systems Ltd

United Kingdom Section: C4ISR | Category: Surveillance Equipme... | Field Glasses | Military Optical Sys... | Digital Video Soluti... | Airborne Video Recor...

Britannia stock a broad selection of military optical systems ranging from zero/low-light cameras to night vision riflescopes and goggles.

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Defence Vision Systems

Defence Vision Systems

United Kingdom Section: Security and Law Enforcement | Category: Surveillance - Elect... | Surveillance | Coastal Surveillance | Security Systems, Eq... | Intruder Alarm/Detec...

Defence Vision Systems are a multi-national corporation whose main concern is advanced military optical systems for surveillance applications.

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Switzerland Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: Laser Target Designa... | Night Observation Sy... | Laser Rangefinders | Laser Aiming Devices | Military Optics

I.L.E.E. offer a broad range of laser-based optical systems and night vision lighting for military applications.

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New Noga Light

Israel Section: Information, Intelligence and Research | Category: Reconnaissance Syste... | Optronics | Laser Target Pointer... | Binoculars | Night Vision

New Noga Light's Military Optical systems are in use by Military Forces worldwide, their experience and proprietary technology make them one of the world's leaders and the sole supplier to the Israeli Armed Forces.

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Armed Forces International - image

Scandinavian Micro Systems

Norway Section: Instrumentation | Category: Tactical Repeaters | Maritime Safety & Se... | Military Optical Sys... | Naval Logistics + Se... | Navigation Equipment...

Scandinavian Micro Systems specialize in producing high quality navigation instruments and passenger information systems for the maritime industry.

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Keyoptics Co.,Ltd

Keyoptics Co.,Ltd

China Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: Military Optical Sys...

Keyoptics Co. Ltd provide fiber optic cables for military based optical systems.

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