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General Dynamics - C4 Systems

General Dynamics C4 Systems

USA Section: C4ISR | Category: Tactical Information... | Simulators | Rugged Computers | Radio Communication ... | Mobile Tactical Comm...

General Dynamics C4 Systems offer telecommunications and systems integration services for both the military and commercial markets.

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USA Section: Weapons - Equipment, Services and Technology | Category: Mobile Tactical Comm... | Rugged Peripherals | Rugged Keyboards/Poi... | Weapon Mounted Inter... | Rugged Displays

Jayco produce rugged keypads, keyboards and input devices for the leading manufacturers of mobile tactical communication devices.

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Nacre AS

Norway Section: C4ISR | Category: Tactical Communicati... | Mobile Tactical Comm... | Communication System... | Military Communicati... | Ear plugs

The experts at Nacre have developed the Quietpro, a mobile tactical communications headset. The Quietpro protects the user from very loud noises such as explosions whilst allowing them to hear quieter ambient sounds.

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Germany Section: C4ISR | Category: Wireless Communicati... | Communications Inter... | VLF Radio Communicat... | Telecommunications | Radio - Software Def...

Rohde & Schwarz supply multiband tactical radio systems, antennas, amplifiers and software for mobile tactical communications.

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Sectra Communications

Sweden Section: Military Data Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Secure Data Transmis... | Secure Satellite Com... | Mobile Tactical Comm... | Data Encryption | Line Encryption

Sectra are experts in encryption, their products are used by defense departments and government agencies in a number of European countries and within NATO.

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Israel Section: C4ISR | Category: Ruggedized COTS Equi... | Fixed Communication ... | Military Communicati... | Military Power Distr... | Communications

Techaya provides many mobile tactical communications solutions for converged voice, video and data in the defence market. Techaya products are widely implemented in many countries and proved to be most reliable.

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Denmark Section: C4ISR | Category: Mobile Tactical Comm... | Rugged Solar Panels | Wireless Communicati... | Foldable Solar Panel... | Military Communicati...

Unatsolar supply mobile tactical communications systems ranging from satellite phones to audio and video portable communications systems with solar panels.

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VT Miltope

USA Section: IT / Computing Services and Equipment | Category: Rugged Printers | Rugged Military Comp... | Rugged Computing Sol... | Mobile Tactical Comm... | Rugged AMD Computer

The rugged computers from VT Miltope act as mobile tactical communications equipment as they allow units to share data from the battlefield to allow for better informed decision making.

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