Military Shelters

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AAR Mobility Systems

USA Section: Aircraft Services, Technology and Equipment | Category: Storage Facilities | Temporary Structures | Military Buildings | Military Camps and C... | Aircraft Ground Hand...

AAR Mobility Systems offer a wide range military shelters, including vehicle mounted, 20-foot ISO and vehicle-mounted shelter systems.

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BNS Container

Norway Section: Storage / Cases / Containers | Category: Containers | ISO Cargo Container(... | Military Shelters | ISO Container(s) | Container Tactical E...

BNS Container use ISO containers to provide a wide range of custom military shelters. Each shelter will be produced to your exact specifications by the BNS team of engineers.

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CDK Mobile Systems Inc.

USA Section: Aircraft Services, Technology and Equipment | Category: Military Shelters | Shelter Systems | Side Lifters | Mobile / Portable Bu... | Cargo Handling Syste...

CDK's Flatpack Modular Buildings provide cost effective Military Shelters for deployed troops. DK's line of Dolly Set and Mobilizer systems also provide complete mobility for Military Tactical Shelters.

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USA Section: Accommodation | Category: Temporary Structures | Military Communicati... | Field Hospitals | Expandable Shelters | Medical Shelters

DRASH quick deployable military shelters can be deployed within minutes and provide durable protection even in adverse climates and conditions. All DRASH shelters meet the relevant MIL-Standard requirements.

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Losberger RDS

France Section: Accommodation | Category: Military Shelters | Military Buildings | Lightweight Shelters | Inflatable Shelters | Inflatable Aircraft ...

Losberger RDS provide a variety of mobile military shelters to suit any requirements. Their range of inflatable structures are very quick to assemble while their range of half barrel structures are able to store extremely large items.

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MFC Survival

MFC Survival Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Medical Equipment and Supplies | Category: Military Shelters | Life Rafts | Stretchers | Field Camp Tents | Custom Made RIBs

MFC inflatable rapid response military shelters can be supplied in user-defined colours and measurements, and are used by Armed Forces around the globe

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NomadiQ Shelter Solutions Inc

Canada Section: Shelters  | Category: Temporary Structures | Military Shelters | Shelter Systems | Lightweight Shelters

The TurboShelter from NomadiQ is an effective redeployable military shelter adaptable for every environment.

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Southern Inflatables

United Kingdom Section: Accommodation | Category: Military Shelters

Southern Inflatables can provide temporary inflatable military buildings and structures. These structures are quick and easy to erect and require no foundations.

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Tecimer Military Trailer Units


Turkey Section: Water Treatment, Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: Water Transportation | Field Kitchens | Military Communicati... | Rapid Deployment She... | Water Filtration/Pur...

Tecimer shelters are designed for rapid deployment, suitable for work in the field and proven in the toughest of circumstances. Military and emergency forces use the shelters globally for a range of purposes

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Trimo Investment

Slovenia Section: Shelters  | Category: Turnkey Camp Solutio... | Shelter Systems | Military Communicati... | Portable Toilets | Military Housing

Trimo product military shelter for camps and work facilities including accommodation and hospitals.

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