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Aimpoint AB

Sweden Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: Reflex Sights | Laser Target Designa... | Military Optical Sys... | Aiming Systems/Equip... | Laser Aiming Devices

Aimpoint can provide an accurately aligned laser pointer that can be used as a laser gunsight to aim any firearm.

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Switzerland Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: Laser Target Designa... | Laser Target Pointer... | Night Vision Lightin... | Night Observation Sy... | Aiming Systems/Equip...

I.L.E.E. manufacture hand-carried laser target pointers, specifically suited to guiding troops on the ground from airborne and elevated positions. They also manufacture high-power infrared target designators, suitable for observation platforms.

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New Noga Light

Israel Section: Information, Intelligence and Research | Category: Night Vision | Military Optical Sys... | Driver’s Vision Sy... | Reconnaissance Syste... | Laser Target Designa...

The NL 2000 Laser Target Pointer from New Noga Light is invisible to the naked eye and complies to class 3b safety standards therefore is exceptionally safe to use

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