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Defence Vision Systems

Defence Vision Systems

United Kingdom Section: Surveillance Equipment and Services | Category: Surveillance Systems... | Surveillance Equipme... | Security Systems | Military Optical Sys... | Coastal Surveillance

Defence Vision Systems specialise in the production of advanced surveillance cameras for intruder detection applications. The intensified active imaging cameras from DVS are able to detect intruder even in complex environments in low light conditions

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Geoquip Worldwide

Geoquip Ltd.

United Kingdom Section: Security and Law Enforcement | Category: Perimeter Surveillan... | Perimeter Protection | Intruder Alarm/Detec...

Geoquip are at the forefront of the worldwide perimeter security industry, developing and supervising the installation of sensor cable based intrusion detection systems across the globe.

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Armed Forces International - image

Safeguards Technology

USA Section: Security and Law Enforcement | Category: Perimeter Protection | Intruder Alarm/Detec...

Safeguards Technology provide a range of advanced security solutions including, barrier systems, intruder detection systems and under vehicle inspection equipment.

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