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Adventure Lights

Adventure Lights Inc.

Canada Section: Air Traffic Control | Category: Illuminating Devices | Coastguard Equipment | Emergency Equipment | Airfield Lighting | Air Traffic Control ...

Our IR Vehicle Illuminators are lights that can take the punishment the military vehicle can put out. Our series of Illuminators are developed to do their duty in the harshest environments and with features not found on other vehicle lights.

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Aimpoint AB

Sweden Section: Aiming Devices and Targets | Category: Reflex Sights | Laser Target Designa... | Military Optical Sys... | Laser Target Pointer... | Laser Aiming Devices

Aimpoint AB provide battery powered illuminated gun sights for facilitating accurate aiming of a gun in the dark.

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Jameson LLC

USA Section: Lighting Equipment and Technology | Category: Portable Lighting | Illuminating Devices

Jameson produce a range of illuminating devices for military applications such as tent lights, medical lights and portable lighting for use in emergencies.

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MB Microtec


Switzerland Section: Lighting Equipment and Technology | Category: Red Dot Sights | Laser Aiming Devices | Illuminating Devices

mb-microtec focused on new light technology and developed trigalight®, a gaseous tritium light source, and through this have created various high-tech products such as trigalight® inserts, cold light sources and light emitting devices.

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MJ Services

MJ Services

United Kingdom Section: Air Equipment & Services | Category: Range Training Equip... | Night Observation Sy... | Live Fire Training | Infra-Red Lighting S... | Illuminating Devices

Fingerlights are hard wearing, water resistant and light. Designed to the exact military spec, these small torches are worn on the finger and used throughout the UK forces. The range includes: NVG Compatable, Scuba, Standard white light, Ultraviolet, Infr

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USA Section: Lighting Equipment and Technology | Category: Torches | LED | Illuminating Devices

Streamlight design and manufacture a wide range of rugged precision portable lighting solutions from military, law enforcement and fire fighting to industrial, outdoor and automotive applications.

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