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ELSIS Elk Sist San AS

ELSIS Elk Sist San AS

Turkey Section: Power Supplies, Generation, Equipment | Category: Rack Mount Power Sup... | Rack mount AC Power ... | Rectifiers | DC/DC Converters | AC Power Distributio...

ELSIS produce High Voltage Supply Equipment for the armed forces. Their 19" Rack Naval Power Supply has an output of 26-120 Vac.

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Military Power Units

Gresham Power

United Kingdom Section: Naval Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: AC Power Distributio... | DC Power Distributio... | Rack mount AC Power ... | Rack Mount PDU's | Rectifiers

Gresham Power provides high volage power supply equipment for the armed forces. The company's various power conversion products help to manage energy aboard ships and submarines

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Red Box International

United Kingdom Section: Air Equipment & Services | Category: Solid State Power Am... | Uninterruptible Powe... | Power Supplies | Power Packs | Power Conditioners

Red Box Frequency converters are available in 115 volts or 400 volts. With mobile or fixed units with outputs of up to 90 KVA.

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Armed Forces International - image

Society of Maritime Industries

United Kingdom Section: Logistic Services and Equipment | Category: Integration Logistic... | High Integrity Casti... | Hydraulic Systems an... | Handling Devices | Transport Services, ...

The Society of Maritime Industries is the voice of the UK's maritime business sector promoting and supporting suppliers of equipment and services for all types of maritime requirements.

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