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Turkey Section: Accommodation | Category: Portable Toilets | Military Accommodati... | Military Aircraft Ha... | Military Buildings | Military Camps and C...

Using steel structures, DORCE can supply large buildings for the military, such as hangars, warehouses etc. Please contact with our main office for future information.

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Jewers Doors Limited Logo

Jewers Doors Limited

United Kingdom Section: Security and Law Enforcement | Category: Building Blast Prote... | Military Buildings | Security Barriers | Blast Mitigation | Security Systems

The Phoenix range of insulated sliding folding doors from Jewers Doors are designed for all manner of vehicle openings, including fire and ambulance stations, helicopter hangars and military aircraft hangars.

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Mekon Paneel

Mekon Paneel

Turkey Section: Accommodation | Category: Military Aircraft Ha...

Mekon Paneel provide helicopter and airplane hangar doors as well as general electrical garage doors for military and civilian applications.

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Trimo Investment

Slovenia Section: Shelters  | Category: Military Communicati... | Military Aircraft Ha... | Military Accommodati... | Medical Shelters | Field Camp Tents

Trimo manufacture prefabricated accommodation and structures for a number of uses such as storage units and working facilities that are easily transportable.

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Utilis SAS

France Section: Accommodation | Category: Shelter Systems | Military Tents | Military Aircraft Ha... | Medical Shelters | Field Shelters

Utilis SAS produce military aircraft hangars that are perfect for time critical scenarios. The military aircraft hangars have a quick assembly time frame, and are easy to transport between locations.

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W. Giertsen HallSystem AS Shelters

Norway Section: Accommodation | Category: Military Communicati... | Military Shelters | Vehicle Shelters | Expandable Shelters | Rapid Deployment She...

Our engineering team provide tailor-made military aircraft hangars solutions for specific aircraft.

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