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USA Section: Accommodation | Category: Military Communicati... | Vehicle Shelters | Field Kitchens | Field Hospitals | Shelter Systems

DRASH provide quick deployable shelters that don't require the use of any specialized tools or equipment.

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J & S Franklin Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Medical Equipment and Supplies | Category: Protective Barriers | Protective Clothing | Tactical Barriers | Net Camouflage | Bunks & Beds

J & S Franklin Ltd has over 60 years of experience providing a range of military camping equipment and accessories. After over a decade of research and development, J & S and their partners have developed DefenCell.

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Mobile Medical International Corporation

Mobile Medical International Corporation

USA Section: Medical Equipment and Supplies | Category: Medical Shelters | Field Hospitals

Mobile Medical International Corporation is the designer and manufacturer of Mobile Surgery Units™ (MSU™), fully-functional and self-sufficient surgical suites on wheels.

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Nordic Shelter AS

Norway Section: Shelters  | Category: Portable Storage Con... | Mobile Ammunition St... | Mobile / Portable Bu... | Field Shelters | Field Hospitals

Nordic Shelter's military and emergency mobile medical units can be used as standalone units, or combined into larger field hospital systems.

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Trimo Investment

Slovenia Section: Accommodation | Category: Vehicle Shelters | Military Aircraft Ha... | Rapid Deployment She... | Military Housing | Military Buildings

Trimo provide specialist modular buildings including field hospitals, sanitary units and communications systems.

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Uniteam International

Norway Section: Storage / Cases / Containers | Category: Field Hospitals | Expandable Shelters | Portable Buildings | Medical Shelters | Containers

Specialized shelters and containers from UniTeam provide mobile field solutions including operating theatres, hospital wards and sanitary containers.

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Utilis SAS

France Section: Accommodation | Category: Military Camps and C... | Tent and Tarps | Field Camp Tents | Lightweight Shelters | Temporary Structures

Utilis will design and produce field hospitals and medical posts to encompass all specific needs. The project could include dispensary, an operating block, resuscitation, radiology, ENT, opthalmology, gynaecology, cold room, washroom, rest room etc.

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Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH

Germany Section: Water Treatment, Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: Shelter Systems | Rapid Deployment She... | Water Filtration/Pur... | Mobile / Portable Bu... | Medical Field Kit

Zeppelin offer containerized field hospitals and clinics together with hospital tents and ambulance trailers for use in military and relief operations.

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