Companies supplying Military Diesel Engines

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Caterpillar Defence Products

United Kingdom Section: Construction / Design Services and Equipment | Category: Generators | Military Vehicle Upg... | Power Packs | Vehicle Transmission... | Armoured Vehicle Upg...

Caterpillar Defence Products produce a range of high power military diesel engines and gearboxes.

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Cummins Inc.

Cummins Ltd.

United Kingdom Section: Fuel / Oil Services and Equipment | Category: Fuel Tanks | Diesel Fuel Injectio... | Diesel Injector Nozz... | Engineering | Military Power Gener...

Cummins Inc are specialists in the area of military diesel engines, their components and fuel systems. Cummins engines are tailored to meet specific military vehicle applications and are available internationally.

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Rolls-Royce Distribution Generation Systems

United Kingdom Section: Power Supplies, Generation, Equipment | Category: Power Supplies | Auxiliary Power Unit... | Ground Power Units | Military Diesel Engi... | Portable Power Units

Variable speed power generation offers significant saving in generator set size and mass while still utilizing traditional diesel engines.

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