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AWS Electronics

AWS Electronics Group Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Construction / Design Services and Equipment | Category: Interconnects | Contract Manufacture | Build to Print | Contract Electronic ... | Electronic Manufactu...

AWS Electronics provide electronics manufacturing services, offering specialists cables and harnesses, electro-mechanical repair services and high intensity data storage solutions.

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Electronic Material Industries

USA Section: Electronics | Category: Electronic Component... | Electronic Manufactu... | Electronic Component... | Electronics | Electronic Component...

Electronic Material specialzes in the supply of electric components and military component parts.

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Military Power Units

Gresham Power

United Kingdom Section: Naval Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: DC/DC Converters | Electronic Component... | Military Rack Mount ... | Rack mount AC Power ... | Rectifiers

Gresham Power specialises in the development of advanced electronics for frigates and submarines. Electronic components are highly reliable and manufactured to military grade

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Verolme Elektra B.V

Netherlands Section: Electronics | Category: Electronic Manufactu... | Electric Panelboards

Verolme Elektra B.V. specializes in engineering and producing electro-mechanical systems, such as cable harnesses, internal wiring, dashboards and electrical panels for the defence, aerospace and civil markets

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