Companies supplying Decontamination System for Personnel, Equipment, Vehicles & Terrain (Multipupose)

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Germany Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: NBC Security | Chemical Warfare Det... | Decontamination Syst... | CBRNE | NBC Systems

OWR provide multipurpose decontamination systems for personnel, equipment, vehicles and terrain.

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Armed Forces International - image

Smiths Detection

United Kingdom Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Decontamination Syst... | Biological Detection... | Chemical Decontamina... | NBC Security | Decontamination

Smiths Detection supply advanced security solutions including , explosives detection, chemical agent detection and identification and x-ray screening.

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Utilis SAS

France Section: Accommodation | Category: Rapid Deployment She... | Military Shelters | Lightweight Shelters | Medical Shelters | Field Shelters

Utilis produce mobile decontamination units that function to treat victims in a NBC situation. These units allow the treatment of victims to be close to the disaster zones so that the time of contamination is limited.

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