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Brugg Kabel AG

Switzerland Section: Electronics | Category: Military Cable Assem... | Data Communication S... | Communication System... | Cable Handling Equip... | Cable Assemblies, Te...

Brugg Kabel supply an extensive collection of modular data communications systems and equipment with surge protection and a rugged design to supporttheir range of power and data cables.

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Data Device Corporation

USA Section: Aircraft Services, Technology and Equipment | Category: Embedded Components | Mil-Std-1553 PC Boar... | Hybrid Electronics | Electronic Component... | Data Bus Test Equipm...

For over 45 years, DDC has continuously progressed the state of their high-reliability data control and communications technology for MIL-STD-1553 devices.

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Armed Forces International - image

iTrinegy Ltd

United Kingdom Section: C4ISR | Category: Communication System... | Satellite Systems an... | Fixed Communication ... | Test Equipment | Mobile Communication...

The iTrinegy range of network emulators can simulate a wide range of network characteristics.

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L3 Electrodynamics

L-3/Electrodynamics, Inc.

USA Section: Military Data Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Fault Indicator | Data Communication S... | Infra-Red Systems/Eq... | Data Acquisition Sys... | Data Storage

L-3 Communications / Electrodynamics supplies high quality electronic and electromechanical systems for military and aerospace applications. Other products include solid state data storage solutions, and associated hardware.

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Metrodata Ltd

United Kingdom Section: C4ISR | Category: Secure Communication... | Optical Fibre System... | Fibre Optic Data Lin... | Encrypted Communicat... | Communications

Metrodata offer data communications systems and equipment supporting voice, data and video over satellite.

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Sophia Wireless

USA Section: C4ISR | Category: Wireless Communicati... | Secure Communication... | Mobile Communication... | Guided Weapon Contro... | Data Communication S...

Sophia Wireless offers a range of Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) focusing on mobile satellite communications, portable broadcast flyaway systems, and pulsed radars.

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Israel Section: C4ISR | Category: Fixed Communication ... | Rugged Communication... | Fibre Optic Data Lin... | Tactical Communicati... | Communication System...

Techaya Inc. enables the warfare commanders and managers to quickly and efficiently gain information from various technology sources and systems. Techaya's data communiction systems process the information and send it back to all operating forces.

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Ultra Electronics - DNE Technologies

USA Section: C4ISR | Category: Telephone Systems/Eq... | Fibre Optic Data Lin... | Communications Inter... | Communication System... | Remote Vehicle Commu...

DNE Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1951 as Stelma, which specialized in the design, development and fabrication of data and voice communications equipment.

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