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Bruel & Kjaer

Denmark Section: Manufacturing | Category: Data Acquisition Sys... | Defence Systems/Equi... | Vibration and Shock ... | Underwater Signature... | Submarine Systems

Data Acquisition Systems/Equipment - This includes the ability to make very accurate measurements in a fast, safe and easy manner regardless of whether the system is to be used in the field, in a lab, or in a centralised or distributed setup.

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Data Device Corporation

USA Section: Rugged Equipment | Category: Ruggedized COTS Equi... | Electronic Component... | Mil-Std-1553 Coupler... | Data Communication S... | Aircraft Flight Test

The Data Corporation design and manufacture PCI cards that are suitable for ground support operations, providing on-board data acquisition.

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Armed Forces International - image

HEIM Systems GmbH

Germany Section: Military Data Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Ruggedized COTS Equi... | Data Acquisition Sys...

HEIM Systems GmbH is known as a supplier of high-performance data acquisition systems.

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L3 Electrodynamics

L-3/Electrodynamics, Inc.

USA Section: Military Data Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Night Vision Lightin... | Fault Indicator | Flash Disks | Data Collection | Data Acquisition Sys...

L-3 Communications / Electrodynamics supplies high quality electronic and electromechanical systems for military and aerospace applications. Other products include solid state data storage solutions, and associated hardware.

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Lee-Dickens Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Air Traffic Control | Category: Vendor Managed Inven... | Telemetry Systems/Eq... | Multiplexers | Instrumentation Equi... | Data Acquisition Sys...

Lee-Dickens specializes in the production of sensors, interfaces, monitoring, control and display systems for submarines.

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