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Chemring Technology Solutions

Chemring Technology Solutions

United Kingdom Section: Consultancy | Category: Defence Systems/Equi... | Consultancy | Electronic Warfare T... | Consultancy, Trainin... | Counter-IED

Chemring Technology Solutions is an advanced science and technology company trusted by government, national security and commercial customers to provide military, intelligence and commercial advantage.

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Continental DataGraphics (CDG)

United Kingdom Section: Military Data Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Computer Software | Data Storage | Consultancy | Technical Authorship... | Digital Imaging

CDG act as international military engineering consultants. The team offers solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client, both onshore and offshore.

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Core UAE Logo


United Kingdom Section: Training and Simulation | Category: Project Management | Offset Consultancy | Offset Agreements | Consultancy Services | Consultancy

CORE have worked with defense contractors, local companies and multinationals in helping them achieve new creative business ideas. CORE are specialists in offset/countertrade agreement.

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Delfasco, LLC

USA Section: Air Equipment & Services | Category: Metal Pallets | Consultancy | Consultancy Services | Coatings/Paint | Airdrop Platforms

Delfasco are consultants as well as manufactures of steel products for the military. They are experts at producing military pallets and adapters to specification for the secure transport of supplies.

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G1098 Logo


United Kingdom Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Protective Clothing | Tactical Training | Surveillance Trainin... | Fragmentation and Ba... | Tactical Body Armour

G1098 Intelligence & Research Support Centre specialises in the delivery of professional research and intelligence analysis consulting and training services to law enforcement, government and business sector.

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GMD Solutions

GMD Solutions, Inc.

USA Section: Consultancy | Category: Training Courses | Military Research Co... | Project Management | Consultancy | Quality Assurance Au...

GMDS offer marketing and business consulting services for aerospace and defence industries.

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Systecon AB

Sweden Section: Asset Management and Services | Category: Software | Product Lifecycle Ma... | Modeling and Simulat... | Integrated Logistics... | Asset Management

Since 1970, Systecon has provided advanced software models, consulting services and training within the area of Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS).

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