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Communication Specialists

United Kingdom Section: C4ISR | Category: Military Headphones ... | Mobile Communication... | Radio Communication ... | Remote Vehicle Commu... | Transceivers

Mobile communication systems are revolutionizing the world today. The ease of communicating and the wide network of service providers have made this possible. Mobile communications come in the form of portable radios as well as other equipment

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USA Section: Accommodation | Category: Mobile Communication... | Vehicle Mounted Shel... | Vehicle Shelters | Military Communicati... | Military Communicati...

The DRASH Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E) comprises portable and lightweight communications equipment and technology.

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General Dynamics C4 Systems - Satcom Technologies

General Dynamics C4 Systems / Satcom Technologies

USA Section: C4ISR | Category: Satellite Earth Stat... | Satellite Communicat... | Mobile Communication... | Military Communicati... | Communication System...

General Dynamics C4 Systems/Satcom Technologies is a premier supplier of satellite and wireless communications products, systems and services to the U.S. Government and international government and commercial communications providers worldwide. Through

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iTrinegy Ltd

United Kingdom Section: C4ISR | Category: Satellite Communicat... | Fixed Communication ... | Mobile Communication... | Communication System... | Test Equipment

The iTrinegy range of network emulators can simulate a wide range of network characteristics.

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USA Section: Weapons - Equipment, Services and Technology | Category: Rugged Peripherals | Rugged Keypads | Rugged Keyboards/Poi... | Rugged Displays | Weapon Mounted Inter...

Jayco provide the leading manufacturers of rugged mobile communication devices with rugged keypads, keyboards and input devices.

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L3 Communications

L-3 Communications: Ruggedized Command and Control Solutions

USA Section: IT / Computing Services and Equipment | Category: Rugged Computers | Mobile Communication... | Infra-Red Systems/Eq... | High Performance Com... | Command and Control ...

L-3 Communications Ruggedized Command and Control Solutions Division supply hardware systems for shipboard systems integrators, sheltered, tracked and wheeled vehicles, airborne platforms and law enforcement vehicles.

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Panasonic Marketing Europe

Germany Section: Rugged Equipment | Category: Rugged Communication... | Rugged Keyboards/Poi... | Ruggedized COTS Equi... | Rugged Intel Compute... | Rugged Computing Sol...

Panasonic produce a range of rugged laptops especially designed for use in harsh environments and as such are ideal for use by the military.

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Saab Group

Sweden Section: C4ISR | Category: Communication System... | Detection Systems / ... | Surveillance Systems... | Command and Control ... | Mobile Communication...

SAAB Group provide advanced air, ground and marine radar, and networking information systems, primarily for the defense industry.

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Sophia Wireless

USA Section: C4ISR | Category: Wireless Communicati... | Guided Weapon Contro... | Communication System... | Mobile Communication... | Secure Communication...

Sophia Wireless offers a range of Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) focusing on mobile satellite communications, portable broadcast flyaway systems, and pulsed radars.

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Sweden Section: C4ISR | Category: Mobile Communication...

Wibe is a leading global supplier of mobile telescopic communication masts and antenna systems to the military.

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