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Avon Protection Systems

Avon Protection Systems

USA Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Biological Protectio... | Civil Personal Prote... | Chemical Protection | Biological Protectio... | Personnel Protection

Avon Protection is the recognized global market leader in respiratory protection system technology. They specialize primarily in the Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Industrial sectors.

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Blucher GmbH Logo

Blucher GmbH

Germany Section: Construction / Design Services and Equipment | Category: Protective Clothing | Personal Protective ... | Military Boots | Life-Saving Equipmen... | Chemical Protection ...

After 45 days of wear under battlefield conditions, the SARATOGA™ JSLIST suit can still provide a minimum of 24 hours protection.

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Armed Forces International - image

Bruker Daltonics Inc.

USA Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Radiation Monitors | Chemical Warfare Det... | Chemical Protection ... | Biological Protectio...

Bruker Daltonics - the NBC Detection Specialists.

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ILC Dover

USA Section: Surveillance Equipment and Services | Category: NBC Protection | CBRNE | NBC Protective Cloth... | Chemical Protection | Intelligence, Survei...

ILC Dover's DoverPac chemical protection equipment is a flexible containment solution offering effective contamination control. The company also supply chemical, nuclear, biological and radiological protection suits.

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Kinetics Ltd.

Kinetics Ltd

Israel Section: Power Supplies, Generation, Equipment | Category: Life Support Systems | Coolers/Cooling Syst... | Hydraulic Systems an... | Electronic Component... | Auxiliary Power Unit...

Founded in 1985 Kinetics Ltd. is internationally recognized as a leading developer and manufacturer of specialized systems for Military Vehicles (e.g. MBT, IFV, APC, CPV, SPH, Missile Launchers, Tactical Trucks, etc.) and for Aircraft.

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Lion Apparel Systems Ltd UK

United Kingdom Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Biological Protectio... | Chemical Warfare Det... | Personal Protective ... | Biological Protectio... | Fire Fighting Clothi...

Lion Apparel provide CBRN protective clothing to suit a variety of needs. Employing Gore Chempak fabrics, they produce garments designed for search and rescue operations, incident monitoring, bomb disposal, fire fighting and more.

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