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AB Precision (Poole) Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Explosives / Mine Detection and Removal | Category: Ordnance Location/Id... | IEDD ROV | Underwater Mine Clea... | EOD ROV | Bomb Search Equipmen...

Our range of Bomb Disposal equipment is the first choice for many Bomb Disposal units around the world. Our conventional, Recoilless and Lightweight disruptors have been used by EOD units since the 70’s.

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Applied New Technologies

Applied New Technologies

Germany Section: Explosives / Mine Detection and Removal | Category: Bomb Disposal Equipm... | Bomb Disposal

Applied New Technologies supply water abrasive suspension cutting technology including the Mobile Abrasive Cutting Equipment (MACE) for bomb defusing.

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Cobham - Mission Equipment

Germany Section: Explosives / Mine Detection and Removal | Category: Bomb Disposal | EOD Robot | EOD | EOD ROV | Explosive Detection ...

The bomb disposal equipment available from telerob is made up of EOD robots to ensure bombs can be dealt with, without creating unnecessary risks for the bomb disposal team.

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Global Armour Limited

Northern Ireland Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: DE-MINING And SEARCH... | Anti Riot Armour | Military Helmets | Body Armour | Anti Stab Armour

Global Armour provide equipment in the form of protective suits for bomb disposal teams.

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H.P. Marketing & Consulting Wüst GmbH

Germany Section: Explosives / Mine Detection and Removal | Category: IEOD | IEDD Equipment | Electronic Counter M... | Counter-IED | Bomb Disposal Equipm...

Using DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) our systems are fast, reliable and due to their modularity, easy to maintain. The programming can be done via Laptop or USB stick and can be fully wiped in case of an attack, to ensure the safety of your data a

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Armed Forces International - image

SJH Projects

United Kingdom Section: Armoured Vehicles | Category: Bomb Disposal Equipm... | Mine Clearance Equip... | Landmine Clearance S... | Armoured Vehicles | Explosion Protection...

SJH Project's Detsafe Range enables military personnel to transport and store detonators and blasting caps safely. This bomb disposal equipment is ideal for moving working quantities for bomb disposal operations.

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