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AB Precision (Poole) Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Explosives / Mine Detection and Removal | Category: IEDD ROV | EOD | EOD Robot | EOD ROV | Bomb & Ballistic Bla...

AB Precision not only produce robots for bomb disposal tasks but also bomb and ballistic blankets designed to reduce the effects of an explosion.

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Global Armour Limited

Northern Ireland Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Anti Stab Armour | Military Helmets | Ballistic Shields | Blast Mitigation | Anti Riot Armour

We can offer a wide range of bomb blankets and containment systems meeting the needs of EOD operators. Our blankets can be customised to your specific requirements and are produced using Kevlar aramid materials.

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Micaply Defence

Micaply Defence

India Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Fragmentation and Ba... | Tactical Body Armour | Ballistic Helmets | Military Helmets | Visors

Micaply's bomb blanket provides a method by which to limit the damage of IEDs and other explosives to personnel and property.

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Sarkar Defence Solutions

Sarkar Defence Solutions Ltd.

United Kingdom Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Visors | Flotation Ballistic ... | Fragmentation and Ba... | Anti Riot Armour | Military Helmets

Sarkar Defence Solutions supply high strength Aramid Fabric ballistic bomb blankets providing protection up to level IIIA.

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