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Allen Vanguard

United Kingdom Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Force Protection | EOD Robot | EOD | Demining Equipment | Consultancy Services

Allen Vanguard's range of personal protection suits and blast attenuating seats can be used to mitigate blasts, protecting personnel.

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ArmourWorks International

United Kingdom Section: Armoured Vehicles | Category: Tactical Body Armor | Ballistic Protection | Body Armour | Explosion Protection... | Protective Barriers

All ArmourWorks International's production solutions are designed to protect the soldier in combat situations. The company offers Military Vehicle Blast Protection, Rugged Armour Systems and Vehicle Signature Management

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Global Armour Limited

Northern Ireland Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Military Helmets | Bomb Disposal | Ballistic Helmets | Body Armour Lifejack... | Bomb & Ballistic Bla...

Global Armour provide products for blast mitigation by manufacturing both blast wall protection solutions and blast protection for windows using security blinds.

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Global Armour

Global Armour SA (Pty) Ltd

South Africa Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Ballistic Shields | Close Protection | Personal Protective ... | Personnel Protection | Military Helmets

Global Armour supply blast mitigation blankets for protection against ballistic ammunition and fragments.

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HESCO Bastion Concertainer

United Kingdom Section: Security and Law Enforcement | Category: Blast Mitigation | Explosion Protection... | Security Systems, Eq... | Protective Barriers | Force Protection

HESCO Bastion Concertainer® has been a key component in providing Force Protection since the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Their main product, the Concertainer unit, is seen as the biggest development in field fortification since the Second World War.

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Jewers Doors Limited Logo

Jewers Doors Limited

United Kingdom Section: Security and Law Enforcement | Category: Military Aircraft Ha... | Building Blast Prote... | Military Buildings | Security Systems | Blast Mitigation

In the event of an explosion or natural disaster, the range of High Performace Security Doors can help prevent serious harm to the personnel and buildings.

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Scanfiber Composites A/S

Denmark Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Explosion Protection... | Anti Riot Armour | Armoured Vehicles | Blast Mitigation | Anti Stab Armour

Fiber composite armor from Scanfiber Composites offers effective blast mitigation through a weave of extremely tough fibers which absorb and break projectiles.

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