Companies supplying Biological Detection Instruments

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Bertin Technologies

Bertin Technologies

France Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Biological Detection... | Biological Detection... | Chemical Detection E... | Image processing | Video/graphics/image...

Bertin Technologies offer chemical and biological detection instruments including the Coriolis® Recon air sampler, the Kim® field analyzer and the Second Sight® MS gas detection system.

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BioFire Diagnostics, Inc (formerly Idaho Technology)

USA Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Threat Intelligence | NBC Systems | NBC Detection | Chemical Detection E... | Toxic Hazard Detecti...

Idaho technology offer biological detection instruments and reagent kits based on the Lightscanner system.

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Armed Forces International - image

Smiths Detection

United Kingdom Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Decontamination Syst... | Decontamination Syst... | Explosive Detection ... | Decontamination Syst... | Biological Detection...

Smiths Detection have developed a large range biological agent detection equipment designed for field use to protect troops against attack by biological warfare agents. This equipment includes bio detection suites and integrated systems.

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