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3M Svenska AB

Sweden Section: C4ISR | Category: Hearing Protectors | Communication System... | Ballistic Protection | Audio Communication ... | Safety Glasses

Ballistic eye protection products from 3M Svenska, with lenses that offer exceptionally clear vision. Innovative lens technology achieve an impressive 180º of vision with zero distortion.

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Åkers Krutbruk

Akers Krutbruk

Sweden Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Ballistic Protection

We develop new ballistic protection technologies that shield vehicles against the full spectrum of military threats.

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ArmourWorks International

United Kingdom Section: Armoured Vehicles | Category: Blast Mitigation | Body Armour | Bullet Proof Materia... | Camouflage | Explosion Protection...

ArmourWorks provide a range of innovative ballistic protection products which are combat proven and designed to increase survivability.

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Armed Forces International - image

Benteler Armor Solutions

Germany Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Ballistic Shields | Armoured Vehicles | Ballistic Protection

Benteler Armor Solutions provide quality steel, fibre and ceramic materials and components for vehicle ballistic protection. The company's armor materials and engineering services comprise ballistic protection components for military applications.

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Buffers Marine AB

Sweden Section: Naval Technology, Equipment and Services | Category: RIB Builder | Diving Systems and E... | Military RIB | RIBs | Rescue Boats

Buffers Marine AB produce a Ballistic Flotation Vest perfect for Military,Naval or Law enforcement duties in combat scenarios where the potential danger of falling in Water persists.

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Carat Security Group

Belgium Section: Armoured Vehicles | Category: Off-Road Trucks | Bullet Proof Materia... | Executive Protection | Security Vehicles | Armoured Vehicles

By utilizing the latest in computer modeling and in-depth testing both in the ballistics laboratory and in the field, the armoured Unimog U5000 and Armored Fighting Vehicle set the standard for protection and reliability.

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Global Armour Limited

Northern Ireland Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Building Blast Prote... | Anti Stab Armour | Body Armour | Ballistic Protection | Bomb Disposal Equipm...

Soft and Hard armour protection inserts are available from Global Armour and developed using the latest aramid or polyethylene fabric technologies such as Kevlar, Twaron, Dyneema and Goldflex. All solutions are tested to the latest HOSDB and NIJ.

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International Armored Group

USA Section: Armoured Vehicles | Category: Military Vehicles an... | Off-Road Trucks | Personnel Protection | Logistical Support V... | Ballistic Protection

IAG manufactures armored vehicles with B6 and/or B7 levels of ballistic protection following internationally accepted industry standards such as the CEN (Central European Normalization Standards).

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Micaply Defence

Micaply Defence

India Section: Body Armour, Helmets and Shields | Category: Soft Body Armour | Riot Equipment | Personnel Protection | Ballistic Protection | Ballistic Helmets

Micaply Defence offer a comprehensive selection of ballistic protection products for troops and those working in dangerous environments.

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RUAG Holdings

Switzerland Section: Aircraft Services, Technology and Equipment | Category: Weapon Systems | Grenades, Dazzle/Exp... | Live Fire Training | Training Services, S... | Ballistic Protection

Alongside modular ballistic protection, Ruag also provides maintenance and support for military vehicles.

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