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Agraco Ethylene Gas Filtration

Agraco Technologies

USA Section: Accommodation | Category: Filters | Air Freight | Cooling Fans | Air Conditioning/Ven... | Clean Air Equipment

AgraCo provides military spec air conditioning and ventilation units that keep food cool and under controlled conditions. Its Blower Unit is fitted with ethylene filters, keeping produce fresher for longer

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Air Rover, Inc.

USA Section: CBRNE Services, Equipment and Technology | Category: Air Conditioning/Ven... | NBC Filtration

Air Rover is a world leader in portable air conditioner units producing a wide range of Military Air Conditioning and Ventilation Control Units which are widely chosen for cooling tents and military shelters to helicopters and UAVs.

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Kinetics Ltd.

Kinetics Ltd

Israel Section: Power Supplies, Generation, Equipment | Category: Clean Air Equipment | Coolers/Cooling Syst... | Hydraulic Systems an... | Life Support Systems | Air Conditioning/Ven...

Kinetics Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (Military HVAC) Systems are made for heavy duty Operation on military vehicles and shelters. Our Military HVAC offers: Very high cooling capacity at extremely hot and humid conditions, Maintenance-Free ope

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Kocoverk International

Sweden Section: Accommodation | Category: Ventilating Systems/... | Air Conditioning/Ven...

Kocoverk International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aircraft heaters and air conditioning systems for passenger aircraft, commercial airports and military fighter aircraft.

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