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Applied New Technologies Water Jet Cutting Systems and Bomb Disposal Equipment

Applied New Technologies (ANT) AG in Lübeck, Germany, has been developing, manufacturing and distributing equipment that utilizes the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting technology.

Our flexible and mobile water jet cutting systems have already proved themselves in practise to the military, police and to special forces all over the world. The mini MACE is the first all-in-one WAS cutting unit that is specially designed for remote-control operations and it is successfully used world-wide, e.g. in Australia, Japan, China, USA and Europe.

Using mini MACE, high risk operations such as approaching and cutting Large Vehicle Bombs or any other IED can be safely conducted from distances of over 500 metres.

Bomb Defusing with MACE

Bomb DefusingMACE, the Mobile Abrasive Cutting Equipment designed and manufactured by ANT is the advanced tool for bomb defusing. The cutting tool is remote operated from several hundred meters distance and observed by camera systems.

By operating at the highest safety level, the proven technology protects commercial assets and the environment.

Bomb Disposal Equipment

UXOs are rendered safe in any environment. The man portable Bomb Disposal Equipment MACE is carried easy and fast to the site, installed and operated by two staff. Even bombs located and grenades located under water can be defused.

Grenade Disposal

Grenade DisposalA detected UXO can be defused in literally any feasible location it is detected. The self-supporting turn-key system MACE and the several corresponding manipulation systems, which are designed for all field applications, guide the cutting nozzle of the mobile abrasive cutting equipment.

Water Jet Cutting Systems

The all-in-one water jet cutting systems ‘mini MACE’ works in combination with a ROV or can be positioned in safe distance from the IED.

The operator controls from a safe distance the movement and the speed of the cutting nozzle, which is guided by a dedicated manipulation system or the ROV-arm. Water jet cutting instead of blasting suspicious objects preserves forensic evidences, e.g. DNA, finger-prints, construction of the IED.


Water Jet Cutting

Jet Cutting Systems


Vehicle Bomb Access

Vehicle bomb access is performed by the water abrasive suspension jet of the ‘mini MACE’. The systems cuts access holes through any kind of material: armored steel, security glass, composites.Through the same or a second access hole the cutting nozzle can be inserted into the vehicle to open the IED.

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