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Russia Prepared to Sell Su-35 to Malaysia, India, Algeria

Posted by Paul Fiddian on 16/07/2008 - 09:06:28

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Russia is prepared to sell its Sukhoi Su-35 combat aircraft to Malaysia, India and Algeria, it emerged from comments made by Russian export group Rosoboronexport on July 15th.

"Algeria, Malaysia and India are our partners and if they express an interest, we will offer them the Su-35 fighter while fulfilling our current obligations", the group’s Alexander Mikheyev told news agency RIA Novosti at the Farnborough Airshow today.

Sukhoi Su-30 Exports

Last year Sukhoi exported around 50 Sukhoi Su-30 jets in various forms (Su30MKI, -MKM, -MK2) through deals forged with nations including the three named above.

Future plans see it selling approximately 160 Su-35s outside Russia, Sergei Korotlov of Sukhoi told the media gathered at Farnborough today.

"The aircraft [i.e. the Su-35] has attracted a lot of attention", he stated, adding: "As part of our business plan, we expect to sell about 160 planes."

Thrust Vectoring

The Su-35 – a multi-role-capable, strike and air superiority aircraft - features thrust vectoring. In other words, as with several other modern military types, its engines are capable of being adjusted through various angles and, thus, their airflow redirected.

The aircraft’s legacy stretches back to the Su-27, an aircraft, which, in prototype form, first flew over thirty years ago and whose production run stretched to nearly 700 examples.

Target Acquisition, Weapons Load

Featuring a very high degree of manoeuvrability, the Su-35 is able to engage a number of targets at the same time, employing guided and non-guided missiles.

Using its Irbis-E radar, the Su-35 can locate and follow as many as 30 targets, while engaging as many as eight at one time.

Wing-mounted pylons permit a total ordnance of eight tons of weapons to be carried.

Prior to Farnborough, Sukhoi described the Su-35 as a “4++ generation” fighter, employing “fifth-generation technology.”

Overseas exports, it said, would start in three years time, while the aircraft’s production run would last until 2020.

Su-35, F-22 Raptor

Technologically speaking, the Su-35 is considered to be behind the Boeing F-22 Raptor.

However, given the Pentagon’s ban on Raptor exports, the Su-35 is believed to be the most technologically-advanced fighter available to foreign buyers at the present moment.

Source – Armed Forces International’s Aviation Expert

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