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Malaysia Buying Russian R-77 ‘AMRAAMSKI’ Missiles

Posted by Armed Forces International's Aviation Expert on 19/04/2012 - 15:20:00


The Royal Malaysian Air Force is acquiring R-77 AAMs though a $35m contract signed with Russia at the Defense Services Asia (DSA) 2012 arms event presently in motion in Malaysia.

According to a representative of the main Russian arms export organisation, Rosoboronexport, the initial batch of R-77s missiles will arrive in Malaysia before the year's out.

Other joint Russian-Malaysian deals could follow this one, according to a piece recently published by RIA Novosti. These are set to involve 9M133 Kornet ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles), unidentified hand-launched anti-aircraft missile systems and/or guided-missile boats, the last of which might be constructed in Malaysia under licence.


The R-77 - known to NATO as the AA-12 Adder - is a radar-guided, air-to-air missile with a medium range. Its similarity to the AIM-120 AMRAAM Missile has resulted in it being dubbed the ‘AMRAAMSKI' and it's capable of striking a range of targets including precision-guided munitions, cruise missiles and long-range air-to-air missiles.

Powered by a solid fuel rocket motor, it's got a range of somewhere between 50 and 160 kilometres depending on the specific model and a top speed of Mach 4.5.

Russian R-77 Missile

The Russian R-77 missile is compatible with a number of indigenous modern-day combat aircraft designs including the MiG-31, Su-47, Su-27, Sukhoi Su-30 and the MiG-29 - the latter two of which both of which equip the Royal Malaysian Air Force. 18 Su-30MKM Flankers and 16 MiG-29Ns share frontline duties with a squadron of US-built F/A-18D Hornets, giving the Royal Malaysian Air Force a unique mix of Eastern/Western jet fighter designs.

DSA 2012 is the 13th edition and runs between 16-19 April. The exhibits on show include a wide array of land, sea and air defence hardware alongside simulation and training systems, security technologies and battlefield healthcare products. They're supplied by no less than 850 firms representing 45 nations, covering some 40,000 metres of exhibition space.

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