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India and Russia's Counter-Terrorism Drills at INDRA-2012

Posted by Faith Stone - Armed Forces International Reporter on 25/06/2012 - 00:00:00

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Troops from India and Russia are to undertake a range of counter-terrorism drills at INDRA-2012 during August this year. The 4th round of war-games will be held near the China-Mongolia border.

The exercise will involve more than 250 troops from both sides at a training range in western Russia.


To date, the two countries have conducted 3 rounds of INDRA exercises; the 1st in Rajasthan in 2005, the 2nd in 'Prshkov, Russia while the 3rd exercise was held in the Kumaon hills during 2010.

Since 2003 India and Russia have conducted 5 INDRA joint navel and ground events, the most recent of which was held in India in 2010 involving the two countries' army units.

Last year's ground exercise was cancelled by Russia, resulting in a gap for 2011. The navel exercise was called as well after Indian warships reached Russian waters, excusing themself from the war-games due to Japanese tsunami relief operations.

Although Russian and Indian relations have struggled in recent years; partly due to the the delayed refit of the aircraft carrier, Admiral Gorshkov, the series is to become an annual event, held alternatively between the two countries.

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