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Satellite Communications

Paul Ingram - Operations Director, Metrodata

If we are transmitting a STM-1 carrier via satellite, how much equivalent bandwidth in IP can be transmitted. For example to clarify this we have a radio link of 12xE1. In IP mode there can be 16 xE1 from the same link using IP based technology

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Daniel Graf - Vectronix Electro-Optics Expert

Hello I am doing a shop survey and I am trying to find the specs on the class one laser in the M9 training weapons. I see that it is a single phase laser and that it can be either 50-60 Hz depending on the source but it doesn't mention the medium, time & wavelength, energy/pulse (J), pulse width, beam diameter, beam divergence, or any of the MPE data. I was wondering...

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Walter Kessler - CEO of ILEE Laser Innovation

Could you please inform me on the prospect of a dedicated 20mm Sniper system, and does such a weapon already exist?

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UAV Surveillance Cameras

John Staples Sales Director of Defence Vision Systems

mr. John I would like to ask you for your personal opinion what is better solution for army when we spiking about tactical uas. Is it better uas elbit skylark 1 or raven? Thank you in advance

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