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Quick Deployable Shelters

Jeff Jackson: Vice President of Business Development for DHS Systems LLC.

I have 12 ISU-96RC containers and have no TM's for them. Can you assist me in -10 level and -24P level manuals, so that the equipment can be properly PMCSed by the operators and parts ordered for these containers. Thank you!

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Satellite Communications

Paul Ingram - Operations Director, Metrodata

If we are transmitting a STM-1 carrier via satellite, how much equivalent bandwidth in IP can be transmitted. For example to clarify this we have a radio link of 12xE1. In IP mode there can be 16 xE1 from the same link using IP based technology

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Daniel Graf - Vectronix Electro-Optics Expert

Hello I am doing a shop survey and I am trying to find the specs on the class one laser in the M9 training weapons. I see that it is a single phase laser and that it can be either 50-60 Hz depending on the source but it doesn't mention the medium, time & wavelength, energy/pulse (J), pulse width, beam diameter, beam divergence, or any of the MPE data. I was wondering...

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Vehicle Manufacture

Peter Mead: Product Manager for Stoof International

Dear sir we are sourcing APC for Nepal army to use those APC in UN mission in CHAD and Libya. Total 36 units of three different specs. if you have any with competitive price , please let us know we will then take to next level sharing information with regards DK INTELLIGENT NETWORKING LONDON

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