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Armored Vehicles

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I'm a screenwriter in Los Angeles with several produced movies to my name -- I'm currently writing a script that involves tanks and tankers -- I'm looking for a tanker (active duty or former) to ask a few key questions. I've had strangely lilttle luck finding any. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be very grateful. Thank you. Sincerely, David White

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Daniel Graf - Vectronix Electro-Optics Expert

Hello I am doing a shop survey and I am trying to find the specs on the class one laser in the M9 training weapons. I see that it is a single phase laser and that it can be either 50-60 Hz depending on the source but it doesn't mention the medium, time & wavelength, energy/pulse (J), pulse width, beam diameter, beam divergence, or any of the MPE data. I was wondering...

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UAV Surveillance Cameras

John Staples Sales Director of Defence Vision Systems

mr. John I would like to ask you for your personal opinion what is better solution for army when we spiking about tactical uas. Is it better uas elbit skylark 1 or raven? Thank you in advance

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CBRN Garment Protection

Hayley Fudge - International Sales & Marketing Manager (CBRN), Lion Apparel

We currently store JSLIST suits in Seavans that expose the suits to varying degrees of tempature changes. We are located in Colorado, USA. What kind of effect does this have on the shelf life of the suits? Also what is the ideal storage conditions?

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