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Walter Kessler - CEO of ILEE Laser Innovation

Could you please inform me on the prospect of a dedicated 20mm Sniper system, and does such a weapon already exist?

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Vehicle Manufacture

Peter Mead: Product Manager for Stoof International

Dear sir we are sourcing APC for Nepal army to use those APC in UN mission in CHAD and Libya. Total 36 units of three different specs. if you have any with competitive price , please let us know we will then take to next level sharing information with regards DK INTELLIGENT NETWORKING LONDON

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Rugged Computers

Yaron Mintzker - International Sales Manager Milper

I am looking for Data Distribution Unit (DDU) which apply embandded computer for collect data from many sensors on a warship (standard navigation such as GPS, speedlog, gyrocompass, etc) and packing data for further transmit data via TCP/IP for other equipment. do you have such product ?

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Satellite Communications

Paul Ingram - Operations Director, Metrodata

Good Afternoon, It says here that you're an expert, and I have a question concerning a piece of tactical gear. I'm working with a MRC-142C. Now usually this piece of gear would use a KIV7M for it's encryption device. What (we're) trying to do is use a Taclane KG175 in place of the KIV7M. As you could assume, it's not working. Do you know of a way to replace th...

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