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Armored Vehicles

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I'm a screenwriter in Los Angeles with several produced movies to my name -- I'm currently writing a script that involves tanks and tankers -- I'm looking for a tanker (active duty or former) to ask a few key questions. I've had strangely lilttle luck finding any. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be very grateful. Thank you. Sincerely, David White

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Rugged Computers

Yaron Mintzker - International Sales Manager Milper

I am looking for Data Distribution Unit (DDU) which apply embandded computer for collect data from many sensors on a warship (standard navigation such as GPS, speedlog, gyrocompass, etc) and packing data for further transmit data via TCP/IP for other equipment. do you have such product ?

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Armored Vehicles

Hugh Richardson

Can you provide me with an indication of the likely noise levels in dB(A) (excluding gufire etc) that the driver of a mark 3 Bulldog 432 might be exposed to at say 0mph, 15-20mph and upto about40mph?

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Walter Kessler - CEO of ILEE Laser Innovation

Could you please inform me on the prospect of a dedicated 20mm Sniper system, and does such a weapon already exist?

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