Precision Guided Mortar Munition / XM395


Category: Precision Guided Mortar Munition | 04/08/2006 - 16:16:34

In December, PGMM completed a very successful preliminary design review (PDR). Later in the month, ATK conducted a series of ballistic test flights at the Yuma Proving Grounds. "ATK has worked aggressively since winning the PGMM contract a year ago to ensure that we meet our milestones in the development cycle," said Fred Harrison, Vice President, Advanced Programs.

"The success of the PDR and the ballistic flight tests is strong evidence ATK will meet its commitment to the U.S. Army's soldiers and have an advanced weapon system in their hands on schedule and on cost.

Precision Guided Mortar Munition / XM395
ATK's PGMM is on schedule for fielding in 2010.

PGMM will be the most advanced mortar round ever developed for the U.S. Army." During the ballistic flight tests, ATK fired a total of 49 rounds over three days from a 120mm mortar, achieving all test objectives.

The primary objectives of the test included establishing the appropriate charge weight to ensure proper muzzle velocity when the round exits the mortar tube; evaluating range performance, obtaining aeroballistics data and verifying structural integrity at hot, cold and ambient temperatures.

Secondary objectives included feedback from mortar operators on the handling of the new PGMM round and collection of mortar interior environment data. PGMM is an advanced weapon system that offers soldiers a precise, direct fire capability that can fly in excess of seven kilometers and impact within one meter of the target.

It has no moving parts and maneuvers to target with the aid of embedded thruster motors.