M1022-A1 Dolly Set Mobilizer Fielded with RTAF Field Hospital

CDK Mobile Systems Inc.

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CDK's M1022-A1 Dolly Set Mobilizer system was fielded with an EADS/Royal Thai Air Force Field Hospital program in Bangkok in July, 2010.

Dolly Set Mobilizer System

The EADS designed TransHospital consists of a rescue station with staff accommodations and includes 2 large tents, a rescue container, a connection module, a water and power supply container and a transport container.


Dolly Set Mobilizer: M1022-A1


The TransHospital can be transported by truck, train or vessel, and Thailand's system can also be transported in a C-130 Hercules medium tactical transport aircraft.


EADS TransHospital

The CDK M1022-A1 system is used to self-load and transport the associated ISO Containers, load them onto other transport vehicles and trailers, and to load and offload the containers to/from C-130 aircraft.


CDK provided a one week training and acceptance program in Bangkok to train RTAF personnel and obtain certification for road transport, trailer loading, and C-130 aircraft transport. Final acceptance of the system included C-130 loading, tie down and an actual flight to simulate hospital delivery to a remote location.


C130 Aircraft Transport